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1. Old Man 100Download
2. Token Of Time 404Download
3. Iron 374Download
4. Lai Lai Hei 373Download
5. Guardians Of Fate 365Download
6. Tale of Revenge 358Download
7. Hero In A Dream 354Download
8. Battle Song 347Download
9. One More Magic Potion 305Download
10. Into Battle 296Download
11. Slayer of Light 288Download
12. Treacherous Gods 269Download
13. Wanderer 263Download
14. Eternal Wait 262Download
15. Deathbringer From The Sky 249Download
16. Blood Is The Price Of Glory 242Download
17. Windrider 241Download
18. Ahti 233Download
19. Victory Song 230Download
20. Intro 229Download
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